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About Us

It’s 2014 when a group of passionate professionals dared to dream big, questioning why an Indian brand couldn’t serve outstanding pizza in the Indian market. Their relentless pursuit of perfection led to the birth of Pizza Wings – a true Indian gem.

At Pizza Wings, we live by the mantra of “Fresh Dough, Fresh Ingredients” because we believe that every bite should transport you to a world of culinary bliss. Our journey began with humble origins, but our commitment to unbeatable quality quickly propelled us to soar across Delhi-NCR and all over Haryana.

Led by visionary founders, our brand exemplifies excellence at every turn. We are relentless in our pursuit of perfection, ensuring that every process adheres to our unwavering standards, with an impressive 100% compliance rate that speaks volumes about our dedication.

Fast forward to today, and the wings of our hospitality have expanded to encompass a thriving empire of 16 outlets. Alongside our exclusive pizzeria, Pizza Wings, we proudly present Coffee Nation, Food Story, and the exquisite Hotel Banyan – a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and innovation.

This is just the beginning of a magnificent new era for pizza lovers everywhere. Pizza Wings is here to tantalize your taste buds, ignite your senses, and revolutionize your pizza experience. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we redefine the art of pizza-making, one delectable slice at a time. Get ready to embark on a flavor-packed adventure with Pizza Wings – your passport to pizza perfection!

From our hand-kneaded dough, prepared daily with love, to the rich and tangy tomato sauce that’s delicately simmered, every element of our pizzas is crafted with utmost care. We pay attention to every detail so that you can enjoy our healthy deliciousness!


Our Pizza

We are Careful

The crust is stored in a separate container, on a separate shelf in our unit. The cheese, marinara sauce and veggie are stored in a designated kit, and every Pizza is freshly baked on designated parchment paper in our ovens. We believe in cold fermentation to give 100% fresh taste and flavor’s to crust.

We are Creative

Our Cheese, Veggies and basic raw material for Pizza and procedures are certified by our quality core team. We believe in 100% mozzarella and always prefer certified ingredients which come in our store only after inspection and approval by our dedicated purchase department.

We are Certified

We always give our product a traditional and regional taste with research and development by our experienced team of chef’s. We offer a Create Your Own Pizza option. Cheese, veggie and marinara come from our gluten-free kit, but all additional toppings are stored at our standard make table.

Happy Customers

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I’m mad at Pizza wings because I ordered from Dwarka outlet to Subhash Nagar and surprisingly it reached within 25 minutes while I was hoping to eat free!! Their pizzas are affordable and super tasty
Carmen Beltrán
The quality of their ingredients was evident from the first bite. The crust had a wonderful texture, and the toppings were generous and flavorful. It's refreshing to find a pizza place that truly cares about freshness and taste. Also, the staff is friendly and helpful.
Carmen Beltrán
. I was blown away by the freshness and quality of their ingredients. The crust was perfectly crisp, and the toppings were abundant and full of flavor. Definitely a pizza place I'll be returning to!
Carmen Beltrán

Behind the Scenes

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