Pizza Wings was established in 2014 by professionals. A good Indian brand, be created for Indian market. Founder always had a thought why not an Indian brand can sell good pizza in Indian market. After a long analysis, research and development they came with a startup named Pizza Wings. Which always intended to serve "Fresh Dough, Fresh Ingredients". With the time and their unbeaten quality, Pizza Wings spread it's wings around Delhi-NCR and all over Haryana. Promoters always belief in quality and brand image which can be seen in their process which has 100% compliance. Now Wings hospitality has their own 16 outlets which include exclusive pizzeria Pizza Wings, Coffee Nation, Food Story, Hotel Banyan. Promoters consider this as a beginning of a New Era Pizza.



We are Careful:

The crust is stored in a separate container, on a separate shelf in our unit. The cheese, marinara sauce and veggie are stored in a designated kit, and every Pizza is freshly baked on designated parchment paper in our ovens. We believe in cold fermentation to give 100% fresh taste and flavor's to crust. We always take care of Nutrition value in our products, each and every product is prepared as per the standard operating procedures to maintain same nutrition value every time. We strictly follow FSSAl guidelines while making our products.

We are Certified:

Our Cheese, Veggies and basic raw material for Pizza and procedures are certified by our quality core team. We believe in 100% mozzarella and always prefer certified ingredients which come in our store only after inspection and approval by our dedicated purchase department.

We are Creative:

We always give our product a traditional and regional taste with research and development by our experienced team of chef's. We offer a Create Your Own Pizza option. Cheese, veggie and marinara come from our gluten-free kit, but all additional toppings are stored at our standard make table.